Since its founding in 2005, Tria has been closely linked to the railway infrastructure sector, which is the division that generates the Group’s main source of revenue.


Tria has extensive technological know-how that allows it to cover a wide range of activities within the needs of the sector.


Tria has a highly qualified team of professionals with consolidated experience in each of the departments: track superstructure, catenary and substations, communications, signaling, special facilities such as maintenance workshops, depots, control rooms, etc, consultancy and R&D activities.


Tria is the best company to execute any railway project regardless of its complexity, and our customers trust us because of our recognised international experience.


  • Assembly of ballast tracks on any gauge (International 1.435 mm, Russian 1.520 mm, Iberian 1668mm,  metric, etc).
  • Construction of concrete tracks for underground and interurban railways.
  • Assembly and installation of switches.
  • Welding, repairing and grinding of track and switches.
  • We collaborate with a global manufacturer of direct rail fixings to mount his system in various projects.
  • Integral maintenance of track


  • Design and installation of catenary in 1,500V, 3,000V and 25,000V.
  • Rigid catenary installation.
  • Substations.
  • Integral maintenance of catenary.


  • Design and installation of railway tunnel special systems (ventilation, fire and smoke detection, communications, cctv, lighting, anti-intrusion, scada, etc).
  • Design and installation of electro-mechanical systems at stations (public address system, lighting, elevators, cctv, automated doors, etc).
  • Installation of communication and signaling systems.
  • Train washing tunnels.
  • Construction of maintenance workshops, depots and special equipment such as synchronized rail crane bridges.
  • Workshop equipment (jacks, hoists, bridge cranes, buffer stops, compressed air systems, etc.)


  • Rail projects. Specialists in planning and layout. Design of track and electrification systems.
  • Technical direction of works.
  • Analysis of rail networks, capacity studies and optimization of railway facilities.
  • Drafting of maintenance plans for infrastructure, superstructure and railway rolling stock.
  • Development of specific solutions for the railway sector.
  • Study and advice of particular cases for private companies.

other activities

  • Design, manufacture and maintenance of atomatic gauge changeovers.
  • Design, homologation, manufacture and commercial exploitation of the variable gauge axle for freight trains.
  • Manufacture of specialized rolling stock (wagons, lifting platforms and other vehicles for railway work)
  • Metal structures (walkways, canopies, etc.).