other R&D projects


Gauge changeover facility for multiple rail freight axles. This project is financed by CDTI (Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development) and co-financed by the European Development Fund (ERDF) through the Multi-Regional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth.


Objective: design of a gauge changeover facility for rail freight traffic compatible with existing variable gauge axles.


Redesign of 12 types of switches for the São Paulo monorail.



Variable gauge boogie able for metric gauge up to Indian gauge.


Design of a new bogie of variable gauge that allows a freight train to circulate freely between metric and higher gauge in a continuous way, without the need for transshipment or replacement of axles.


The objective is to simplify the bogie and pass the complexity to the robotic changeover.


The purpose of this device is the reading of all the individual pieces of laundry that come out or in of Hospitals, Hotels, Gyms, etc. The client is an industrial laundry chain.


The technology used for this purpose is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).


Simulator of Access to Rail Vehicles.


The Station Laboratory of the Center of Railway Technologies has a height-adjustable platform by means of hydraulic lifting systems.


SIMAV is the key complement to correctly simulate the conditions of access to a train at any station of the RFIG.


A conceptual transport study aimed at carrying small cargo vehicles in High Speed trains. There is a large number of urgent transport vehicles that move from Madrid to Barcelona on a nightly basis. The idea is that the delivery vehicles can be electrical so they can charge from the catenary power supply during the travel time and they have the autonomy for the 'last mile' delivery.


Design of a railway freight transport system for large slopes.


This solution was designed for the port of Santos, Brazil.



Adaptable platforms depending on the operating conditions.


Design and manufacture of charging cabinets for electronic devices. They were installed in the cafeteria of several High Speed trains. In order to offer users a free service of loading safely.


Design and manufacture of a series of 250 trolleys for catering services of High Speed Trains (AVE).


The design was made under the customer's specifications with: aluminum frame, insulation panels, four-wheel brake system, three-point locks, cooling compartment, etc.


Watertight rail system.


New electrification post designed to be located in the gaze.


Light railway traffic managing system for depots, ports and private tracks.