variable gauge axle for freightS

The Spanish railway administrator, ADIF, has awarded Tria, in consortium whith AZVI, a project consisting on the design, prototyping and homologation of a variable gauge axle suitable for freight wagons. 

In Spain, at present, the automatic gauge changing technology has been implemented only on passenger trains. This will be the first freight, automatic gauge changing axle, available on the market. 


Thanks to this new variable gauge axle, which is valid for three gauges, Iberian, Russian and Standard on the same wheelset, and can be used with different wheel diameters, most common types of boggies and freight wagons can run swiftly through the gauge borders.


This technology will allow freight trains to navigate through the UE, Russia, China and several other countries, regardless of different track widths, thus eliminating the load breakage points. As a result, transport times will drastically shorten which in turn will improve competitiveness and efficiency of this means of transport.