Our company started with a core of railway engineers, providing solutions for automatic gauge changing technologies. We were demanded EPC type solutions that included civil works, fabrication of mechanisms, electrical engineering and installations, automation and control, track & catenary, comunications, signalling, etc. Thus, we eagerly became railway infrastructure and rolling stock experts. We built our own workshops, adquired railway machinery and above all, we have put together, a highly motivated, and qualified human team.


We have done as well, several non railway related projects, such as an automated cantilevered bridge, steel bridges for highways, Buildings, water infrastructures, wind turbine installations, solar panels projects, etc. We are especially proud of the continuous effort we have placed over the years on R&D projects, which have led to several patents, new business lines, and recognition from administrations and clients.


Nowadays we are a team of more than 250 people working at TRIA. The bulk comes from Spain and México, but there is a large list of nationalities in our roll. We have activities in Spain, México, Poland, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bulgaria, and we are opening at this moment an Australian Brach.


We have teams working on new infrastructure projects, mainly track and catenary installations, for which we are equipped with specialized machinery. We also have a strong division for maintenance of railway facilities and infrastructures. Another area of activity with ongoing contracts in several countries is consultancy services.


At this moment we are embarked on a very meaningful project to develop, test and homologate a variable gauge wheel-set for freight trains.